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Ben Gomes

December 2nd 2023 - January 6th 2024

The six works in Outside, Ben Gomes’ solo exhibition at 243 Luz, bend and drag image clusters across the rough of unstretched canvases. Later, once the canvas is drawn tight to the stretcher bars, the composition snaps elsewhere again - the multifractal images pulling apart, cleaving like a suture snagging on something, or like a muscle bowing on impact.


Aidan Duffy
After the Function

October 14th 2023 – November 18th 2023

the title came from a previous work called after the function where it’s two bowl casts dressed up in pink lamé and ice cubes dangling i thought it would be an interesting starting point for a show..

Racheal Crowther
Managed Decline

September 3rd 2023 – October 7th 2023

The works in Managed Decline, Racheal Crowther’s first exhibition with the gallery, trace the decimation of post war social housing as it collapses in the neoliberal era.

Nasir Mazhar.png
Nasir Mazhar
I Always Wanted to Show You Mine

July 30th - August 30th

I Always Wanted to Show You Mine, is the debut solo exhibition of designer and artist Nasir Mazhar.

243 LUZ - Jack Otway & Richard Tinkler-Web-15.jpg
Jack Otway / Richard Tinkler

June 17th – July 22nd 2023 

243 Luz is proud to present a duo exhibition featuring paintings by Jack Otway (1991, U.K.) and drawings by Richard Tinkler (1975, USA). 

Thing Theory

May 6th – June 10th 2023

Featuring Nancy Allen, Areena Ang, Frances Drayson, Lina Viste Grønli, Melika Ngombe Kolongo, Jos Nyreen, Josiane M.H. Pozi.

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